The Mid Mountains is geographically located halfway between Katoomba and Springwood. In the 70’s and 80’s Mid Mountains residents were travelling out of the area to Katoomba or Springwood where 85% of the mountain wide services, e.g. youth services, childcare facilities, women’s health centres, government departments, were located.

In July 1987, in recognition of growth of the Mid Mountains, the Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre Inc prepared a submission to fund a community worker in the Mid Mountains (identified as the area from Woodford to Bullaburra). In August 1988 the first worker was employed and the Community Development Project commenced.

In 1991, the Project moved from the old Shire Council Chambers in Loftus Street, Lawson to the newly completed Mid Mountains Community Centre in New Street, Lawson. In December 1992 the Mid Mountains project became incorporated and changed its name to Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre Inc and came under the management of local residents.

MMNC receives funding through the Family and Community Services (through the Community Services Grants Program or for administrative costs only (i.e. currently a part-time manager, Community Development Worker , and Financial Officer , Admin assistant and rent for our small office). Otherwise MMNC fundraises where possible to support its projects. For major projects MMNC submits to other organisations or relevant government departments for funding.