Mid Mountains Local Produce Stall

The produce stall is held at Magpie Markets in the grounds of Lawson Public School
3rd Sunday each month. (except Jan and Jun/July)

Who We Are and What We Do

The Mid Mountains Local Produce Stall is an initiative of the Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre, and is supported by Lawson Public School Parents Association, and Blue Mountains City Council.
The Local Produce Stall is a place where local residents can take surplus produce from their garden to sell, barter or give away to other members of the community.

At the same time, locals can go there to obtain fresh local produce.  It is a place to exchange local food and and in the process to build links, capacity and resiliency within the community.

The produce stall is organised and staffed by volunteers under the auspices of the Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre. Similarly, this website is collectively managed by participants.

Sample report from Local Produce Stall -February 2010

  • Sellers – 10
  • Buyers – Approx. 50
  • Transactions – Approx. $150.00
  • Largest seller made $60.90.
  • $24.10 was made as a donation to Mid Mountains Community Gardens
  • Total of 24 different items sold including:- Lemongrass, Avocadoes, Rhubarb, Oranges, Purple Congo Potatoes, Eggs, Rosemary, Tansy, Tomatoes and Green Zebra Tomatoes, Passionfruit, Cucumber, Tansy, Lemons, Oregano, Chives, Sweetcorn, Green Zebra Tomatoes, Radishes, Pumpkins, Squashes, Fruit Jellies, Plum Sauce and Rosemary.

How It Works
The stall works with the minimum of organisation and the maximum of cooperation from all participants

When you arrive, please see the stall coordinator for the day so that your produce can be logged.

If you don’t have your produce listed on the running sheet, you can’t be remunerated at the end of the day.

Please bring your produce bagged or in bundles ready for display and sale.  Produce sells more quickly if it is presented well with labels and prices clearly marked.

Some people even include a free recipe sheet with the produce.

For more information contact Louisa on louisacasino@iinet.net.au